About Dr Collman and this information includes the murder of his mother…he is unemployed, but has been seeking employment for over a year. He is licensed in FL AZ, AL, IL, IN and has applied over and over to dozens of positions as an emergency physician. His fate now rests in the hands of those of you who will or will not employ him unless some other intervention occurs. All of his documents including his DEA licenses, his Federal DEA are active without restriction. He has all of his certifications up to date: ACLS, PALS, BLS, ABEM board certification. How long should it take to get employment when you have a clean National Practitioner Data Base for a 3+ decade clinical and academic teaching career and a career that has clearly saved millions of lives through education of 12,000 other EPs? What is the problem when you don’t accept a new assignment because you need to go home and bury your mother and then find out her death is really murder…and you need to deal with it. You would be awful to think he did not need time off and he was working again in months but only for a short period. Work keeps eluding him…What is the real problem? Someone needs to give him employment…this is tragic.

Board Certification is something to be proud of and to maintain throughout your career!

IMG_3322IMG_3321IMG_3320The Nation is here to be the 21st century next step to advance the last ¼ century of Dr Collman’s work to help emergency providers with all aspects of clinical practice.  He will focus on every issue you can imagine that will make your career the best it can be!

Dr Collman is a 34 year veteran of emergency medicine education, medical illustration, clinical practice and clinical bedside teaching of emergency providers at every level in their careers.  He was originally trained in general surgery at UCLA Hospital with the goal to become a pediatric cardio-thoracic surgeon.  Then he was offered a contract to illustrate the first and most definitive texts on pediatric trauma.   Because of his passion for art and photogrpaphy this led him to change his career path and life for him has been great ever since.  He has been able to share his education through his programs with over 12,000 emergency physicians from over 400 US hospitals and from military sites from over 40 international sites.  He has had an exciting career and it continues now as the EMedNation.com site.  He will be providing both free education and CMR/CEU education on this site.  He is now seeking permanent employment at just one site for many reasons to practice and teach clinical emergency medicine.  There is a page to access his CV/Cover letter if you are seeking an emergency physician.  Until he finds that right match he will have to continue to work locums and is always immediately available.  He was granted privileges to work at an Indiana hospital Dec 20, 2016 but declined to work there for numerous reasons which included that he still had no shift scheduled by mid-January and the director of the department of emergency medicine would not tell him by phone when he would start, despite that he had already waited 6 months for privileging.  His letter of faculty privileges was dated Dec 20th 2016.  This site is also now hear to let the world know that a world-class physician would like to have employment.  You see the image of tropical paradise above.  It is an acrylic on canvas painted and sold for $7500.00 over a decade ago.  There are similar works by Dr Collman.  You will, again find his art throughout the site.  We hope you enjoy it.   He enjoys painting but he also needs employment.  He is immediately available and waiting for employment now for months because he declined this position.  It is a waste of time by recruiting agencies and other factors that should not be happening.  Life is not always easy but it is keeping him writing and painting for now.  He does not have an inexhaustible reserve of money and has only a short time to find employment so if you need an emergency physician he needs you.  He has always worked.  He has never taken a sick day from work.  Not even when injured because he is a very strong individual.  Emergency medicine is hard on the body.  So many of his colleagues he trained are  deceased, retried or disabled.  We hope this site will get them back to knowing he is well to work and has been looking for a job but had to stop working  to grieve over the loss of his mother, and to help his sister regain her health from a second and serious illness.  He has applied for at least 50 job offers with the single offer which was completely unacceptable in the end…no shifts and a director who is, by definition, yet another, disruptive physician.  Dr Collman finally travelled to the site for one day and that one day proved there was no way he could accept any shifts at that site and know he would not be embroiled in the arguments of others…there are a lot of people who simply do not belong in medicine.  They should never gone to medical school.  Many, in private reveal that they only went to medical school, because they were “forced to go.”  Most say by their parents.  Yet they are and were adults at the time.  Dr Collman became a physician at the age of 23.  He entered medical school at 19 years of age.  He has wanted to be a physician since he was a child and he is the only physician in his family including all 4 of his siblings and his parents. Both of his parents were absolutely brilliant.  His father a designer of intercontinental ballistic missiles.  He had two degrees in engineering and was a chief scientist for Thiokol corporation and his work led to over 70 patents.  His mother was a gifted artist and the owner of a health Spa who died unexpectedly of aspiration pneumonia in 2015.  Her death was both due to the neglect by two of his siblings, faliure of them to notify Dr Collman of her illness and due to iatrogenic death due to multiple failures by the physicians who “cared for her”.  She presented with symptoms of stroke but had no CT nor MRI.  She had more than one hospitalization for aspiration pneuonia and a central line placed for hyperalimentation but never had a neurologist, not even a swallow test and sent home without ever receiving a drop of IV fluid through that central line.  Her death certificate states she died of aspiration pneumonia two days after hospital discharge.  This is a total failure for years in her medical care that was deliberately done by two of her sons.  They secretly obtained total control of her life’s work, a multimillion dollar estate to the exclusion of Dr Collman.  He considered them murderers.  His sister called the neighbor, a Dr Anderson, board certified in family practice.  He called the brother in charge of her life at that point who told him not to call an ambulance when she needed one.  That physician failed to then call the ambulance because of a non-medical person (the brother), who, himself is seriously altered in his thinking and suffer from decades of progressive MS.  So that physiican failed to due what a lay person would do and that brother stated he would just check on Dr Collman’s mother the next day!  She was dead that morning.  She should never have been discharged from the hosptial and that is the McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, UT.  Dr Anderson should have his license revoked for not doing what a lay person would have done.  Both of those brothers belong in prision for elder neglect and murder in the eyes of Dr Collman.  THE PROSECUTOR OF THE STATE OF UTAH HAS DONE NOTHING TO PURSUE ANY OF THIS CASE.  THEY NEED TO READ THIS AND DO THEIR DUTY.  Dr Collman would like to return to work and let the legal issues be handled by the state.  There is clear motive, at least 5 million dollars, and they have been enjoying this money and clearly made sure she never saw the right physician and even her medications would be found to be wrong if studied.  Antipsychotics for schizophrenia.  There is video that shows her clearly heavily sedated by her daughter who has absolutely no medical knowldege.  She had no ability to help her mother because at the time she had encephalitis and this was followed by a Parkinson’s like syndrome.  The brothers simply did not notify Dr Collman of any issue and they tried this tactic with his father but did call him early and thus learned the first time he would fly to his father’s aid which gave him ten more years of life.  Dr Collman believes his mother is dead out of the greed of his brothers.  They were “extremely concerned” she was losing a few thousand dollars a month in her business which is still not fully calcuated as they have  yet to sell her 18,000 square foot health Spa.  They tried to put his sister on the street and told her she was demented.  When she finally contact Dr Collman he was only able to reverse some of the issues and his sister now fully owns and resides in her mother’s house.  She is disabled with Parkinson’s-like syndrome which he diagnosed at the funeral when he first saw his sister.  It took two months to get her an appointment at the University in Salt Lake City and they took about the same amount of time to diagnose her.  Dr Collman stayed with his sister until she was able to care for herself.  She is now able to do that and more.  She does not want Dr Collman to pursue her brothers because one will die of his disease soon.  He wants the money for his family.  The members of his family have done nothing to deserve her money.  She gave them all financial gifts all of their lives and I doubt they really think actively about it…he does and his name is Craig Scott Collman and he is a murderer of his own mother either by his own stupidity or by intent.  It appears both are at play.  THIS IS a form of MURDER and society punishes murderers even if they are sick.  So Dr Collman is unemployed, has a murdered mother and was only able to help his sister and needs the help of those who are to handle such matters.  He is allowing this now to be public knowledge because he has the facts.  He is a forensic physician as well as an emergency physician.   It is all absurd and he went to meetings in which he witnessed his brother’s lie and threaten him and lie to his sister.  The most important thing right now is that someone give Dr Collman employment.  He is licensed in IL, IN, FL, AZ, AL, and has all of his certifications.  His National Practitioner Data Base is without any negative information.   His life is now at your mercy for those of you who have not hired him.  It will determine his fate unless some other intervention occurs.        


Dwight Collman MD, just turned 61-years-old.