My Survival Plan and the Survival of Emergency Medicine and More of My Life.

I have a large collection of my entire 48+ years of original paintings stored.   I would be very happy to sell all of it.  I am like I think most artists…hypercritical of my painting.  The world has their own view.  Your perception of reality is your reality…so I know if you find a painting you would like it is possible for you to have it or a reprint.  You can see much of my art and my goal is to show it to you here as well as to teach emergency medicine to emergency physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants and to emergency medicine residents.  One day I hope to manage an emergency medicine residency.

I don’t want to disrespect my parents for all they spent to educate me in art (it may rival my medical education because that cost them $18,000 for both college and medical school combined for everything including housing).  It also cost them to have me educated in art to learn to oil paint with a private tutor from when I was in the fourth grade for many years.  Some of the art I have already given to my children and art I collected from other artists.  However, I have a lot of art for sale.  If you want it you just have to make an offer.  Some of my art has sold for five figures.  One local hotel purchases over $40,000.00 of my art.  I have art of every size and of many styles.  I also paint on clothing and have sold hundreds of those individual items to people who wanted a personalized item like a painting of their pet on a sweat shirt.  My mother taught me so much…as did my dad…now both are gone.


I have been selling my art as my first job since I was a teen.  I was trained every week for several years by a mentor and wonderful Western Oil Painter, Lee Parkinson.  He taught me how to paint every type of subject matter and usually I completed two paintings in an 8 hour day and then I would put them away and come back and finish refining them.  After the first few weeks he never put his brush to my canvass.  Oil painting is expensive.

I have several hundred paintings in my home, most of these are acrylics from the past few decades.  I had a shipment that came from Utah of all of my earlier pieces which my mom kept in her business for most of 50 years.  I think I was the youngest student he ever took under his wing.  He didn’t teach me to draw;  he taught me how to see and how to mix color.  That is all it took and in about 6 weeks I was creating art that was eventually sold.  I was either 13 or 14 when I sold my first painting.   I made enough money that I could buy a $500.00 bicycle and paid for it myself when I was 15.   It was a racing bike made by Schwinn bicycles.  It was a special alloy and had racing handle bars and  hard narrow leather seat.  I still have it and was riding it on the original ties and tubes until 2014 when the chain broke.  It still has the original tubes and tires which I find amazing. It is over 44 years old.  Anyway, that was my transportation and has been also in the past decade.  I sold my car in 2009 and I ride a carbon fiber bike everywhere locally.  I don’t own a car.  If I can’t carry something I call Uber.  That is usually once every two months.

So part of my survival plan is to stay healthy riding.  The only danger is the drivers here. Well it is probably terrible everywhere but we have bike paths here so I stay off the roads as much as possible.  I can’t wait for self-driving cars.  It will be safer for all and the estimates are that by the mid or even early 2020s this technology could prevent 95% of all motor vehicle crashes.  I will purchase a car again if I am lucky enough to get a permanent job and only if I am remarried or have a permanent fixed site job and not what I have now…working as a traveling doctor which is called locum tenens.  This was in part a choice I made to regain some privacy because I was being stalked!

Yes you read that right..and it is all because of the loss of privacy due to the internet.  It was published by the Emergency Medicine Residents Association that I was the most expensive educator in the US in a study they performed but they so nicely wrote, “Dr Collman is worth every penny.”  Well that was not actually factual.  I teach for 8 days the same type of education the other of the top 7 ranked university or ACEP State Chapters teach.  ACEP is the American College of Emergency Physicians.  So the part that is not factual is that my programs are more than twice as long as any other.   Being ranked in the top 7 in the US was great.  But in the end it was all bad because the stalkers are a group of professionals who operate as a gang in Florida to extort money from anyone who might have excellent income.  So I had to remove my children from my home as a single parent.  It was very hard on me and hard on them…because I was afforded that right by a Palm Beach Court Judges decision.  And, of course, they always should and did do what is in the best interests of our children.  I was glad to have my kids but I had to give them to people so I knew they would be cared for and away from me since I did not know if my stalkers would ever stop.  They never got any money from me…that is what they do extort money by force of threat on your life.  They crashed a big truck into mine…so to prevent that I stopped owning a car and for many years closed my website which published my name.  Now I use this name for a website and most of my clients cannot find me.

Reports of me on the internet since have also made it difficult for me.  There is no privacy and a report that was filed did not state in a case against me I was found innocent, i.e., not guilty.  The newscaster only reported the initial events in 2014 in a S Florida newscast.  By January I had a not guilty verdict on all the accusations made by a security guard and I did not even defend myself.  The guard made statements about me that were so erroneous and fortunately available by my state and federal records that show i have no criminal record.  He presented me to the court as a well known and active criminal.  The judge had a computer to look up my life and saw all of that was false.  So the guard what did he really want?  Money.  He filed an appeal and asked for money.  Being a doctor is a high risk job for many reasons.  It shorts your lifespan for all the hours one devotes.  I have been a doctor with licenses to work in many states.  To make my life private again I had to work out of state and still do and I wait for a permanent job.  So it is not easy currently because I would like to use all of my skills.  I would like to be training doctors which is what I was released by the court to do in November 2014 pending the final adjudication.  The guard was not happy he lost.  He also lost his job.  He has a wife and child so that is not good for him…but he wanted money from me after he injured me.  I did not ask him for anything and he would not be able to provide anything now jobless.  So I took the responsibility to help myself and get my injury taken care of and no insurance company paid for it.  I went to excellent specialists.  The guard to this date does not know he really injured me.  I paid for that surgery and I still need more.  But I can work as I am but the reporter who decided to use my life as news never filed a followup report which shows in the Palm Beach Court records I am not guilty of any crime.  Here is my National Practitioner Data Base dated in October 2017, which by now would show any event dated back then…  This is so you can see I have no negative information in my life…that yes, in fact, I am one of the “good guys” based on the system that tracks our lives.  Then lets return to my life as an artist.

Insert of the NPBD…you are free to read all of my life as it is kept for you to look up if you wish on the National Practitioner Database…a place where all records good or bad are kept about doctors.

SELF QUERY OCT 2017 5500000128582769

I want you to know this because it could happen to you.  My advise is to as much as possible keep your personal life off the internet…there is no point for me now…it is all in the past and lots of it will never be removed.   All I can do is hope hospitals use court records and not Google for their hiring practices.  Anyone can say anything about you on the internet and that does not prove it is true…but court records…those are true in general unless a judge makes an error and in my life I have seen judges mostly do the right thing.  It does not matter what profession you choose, there can and may and always will be someone in power who will do the wrong thing.  This is not the majority so I don’t lose sleep over it.  It is a tiny minority that make such mistakes or errors by intention.  HERE IS THE KEY PAGE THAT SAYS IT IS PAGE 1 OF 1 BUT IS A CONTINUATION OF THE PAGE YOU SEE ABOVE.  THERE IS MY CAREER.  YOU CAN SEE IT ALL.  NOTHING REPORTED EVER.  NO CONVICTIONS.  NO STATE LICENURE ACTIONS…NO MEDICAL MALPRACTICE REPORTS…I HAVE WORKED FOR THE US GOVT AND THEY TOO SAY NOTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT ME…THE WHOLE REPORT IS EMPTY BECAUSE I NEVER REALLY DID ANYTHING THAT REQUIRED ANY REAL CRITICISM.  SO THERE ARE NO REPORTS ON ME.  SO NOW I HOPE IT IS CLEAR TO ALL THE WORLD SO MAYBE I CAN DO WHAT I WAS MEANT TO DO…TRAIN DOCTORS, WORK IN A HOSPITAL…AND BE A RESIDENCY DIRECTOR SO I CAN USE ALL OF MY SKILLS.  :)))

npdb with the real facts about my life.

BACK TO LIFE AS AN ARTIST:  When I was a young child I sent my drawings to an art school which somewhat annoyed my father because he was trying to feed 5 children and was driving about 100 miles a day in a 1961 Volkswagen beetle and we had a 1950s station wagon.  A man came to our home to enroll me in the school and my dad declined.  I did not ask permission so he was right to do that.  In time he and my mom saw it was what they wanted  for me because I was drawing like my bother and  pianist on my own with supplies i bought.

I remember every night my dad was working on the car engine so he could drive another 100 miles and my mother worked from 9 am until 9 pm 7 days a week with very few vacations in her lifetime and she did not slow this down until her 70s.  Once I was about 10.  My older brother was already enrolled with Mr Parkinson and my parents enrolled me in his art school the next Summer when it was apparent I also had the same “art gene”  he inherited from out mom as did our older sister.  She is an unbelievably gifted watercolor artist who also paints on just about any fabric.   She never had the formal training I had.  My brother could not paint for most of his adult life because he developed MS, but my opinion is he was a better painter than me at that time.  In time I think because he could no longer use his hands I became much more refined just because of decades of practice everyday…It was common for me to stay up most nights getting only a few hours of sleep while I painted…and it is a great pleasure for me.

He was also a gifted sculptor with wood.  My youngest brother is deceased but he was a jewelry designer and certified gemologist.  So 4 of 5 children inherited my mother’s artistic ability.  In six weeks this professional artist was able to bring my gift out and make it easy for me.  So I encourage all parents to look for their children’s gifts and not just randomly assign them to play baseball or any sport in which all they may get are trophies and injuries.  Injuries last forever.  They generally get worse with time.  I can speak as an expert about this with nearly four decades treating patients in all sorts of emergencies.  I am board certified in both Emergency Medicine and Forensic medicine.  I love also to write about medicine, teach it at the bedside and to teach it as continuing medical education.  This website is devoted to the one I had in the past under my name as a corporation since 1994, but my formal teaching career began years before that.  I started it as a formal business in 1989.  More to follow….

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