Dr Collman’s Art

Untitled_Artwork 70
“Warm Glow” © 2017 Dwight Collman MD created on the iPad Pro using I pencil.  Available in a variety of formats.  This is true of most of the art available to you on this website.

Art by Dwight Collman MDAlmost all of this art was created on the iPad Pro.  These are not photographs!  There are many original oil and acrylic and mixed media paintings which are originals which are also for sale.  

Every day Dr Collman uses the program Procreate and his finger although he does use an iPencil for paintings when he wants very fine pixel level work.  The wisps in a cloud or the painting:  Painted Rainbow Bread is a classic in the expression of total mind bending thinking…he was looking at some bread and then he began to paint it in colors (not the bread, he began painting bread in colors on his iPad.  It is a great and original work of art.  Some take hours, some take days or months.  All are only presented if they have true intrinsic value as they are all originals and most are from the imagination of an artist with 48 years of experience.  We hope you enjoy this section.  We hope you find one you enjoy enough to purchase it.  Call 561-305-8163 if you do.  Leave a text message and we will call you back! 

Dr Collman was trained to paint each common theme in art such as a floral scene or a landscape or still life.  As time has advanced his mind has moved to simple creation from memory of what he knows things look like.  He can see a cloud and know if it looks real or not.  That is why his images look so real…it is from learning to look and truly “see”.  It is decades of daily practice often all through the day and night.  

He is also a lover of distraction while painting so he will be listening or watching something else totally unrelated to what he is painting in most circumstances.  So there is no focus like you might think.  It is a passion and a playground for him.  





Water Lilly © 2017 by Dwight Collman MD. iPad Pro graphic created with iPencil and the graphics program Procreate. All images are for sale and support the EMedNation site and all of our functions. Images can be used for creating poster art, gicleé art, even wall art with the right printer. They are created in high resolution and Dr Collman will work with the client to give them what they truly need in the format they require. We hope you find something you like. Call 561-305-8163 to discuss your needs. For example, Dr Collman also has a version of this image he has painted on canvas 24 x 36 inches. It is ready to ship! If you do not get an immediate answer leave a text message and we will return your call.

IMG_2012IMG_2330Untitled_Artwork 79Untitled_Artwork 80Untitled_Artwork 81Untitled_Artwork 87Untitled_Artwork 92Untitled_Artwork 89Untitled_Artwork 68Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 12.53.40 AMIMG_0502

Interstellar © 2016 Dwight Collman MD created and painted on the iPad Pro.  Available as are all of the IPad pro images in a variety of formatting (jpg, PFP, PNG JPG etc).


Original Still Life painted by Dr Collman\ in 1972 (Oil on canvas).  This painting was kept in his mothers collection until her death and then returned to Dr Collman.  It is an original design and untitled.  It shows an amazing amount of detail in reflections and shadows.


“The Neuron” is a beautiful image created on the iPad Pro using Procreat and the I Pencil.  It depicts an activated artist’s interpretation of an active neuron in the central nervous system © Dwight Collman MD.  This image will brighten any room!
“Supernova” © 2016 Dwight Collman MD.  You will see that he has a great interest and study of the universe from the quantum to the most large.  He has studied astronomy with a telescope and enjoys it from his home where there is very little “light pollution” which can interfere with observation.  Created on the iPad using Procreate
Image 1 of Dyptich “Topicale” © 2016 Dwight Collman MD painted on the iPad Pro
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Image 2 of Dyptich “Topicale” © 2016 Dwight Collman MD painted on the iPad Pro
Magnificent ability to paint water and sky, “Story Seas” painted on the iPad pro © 2017.  Both subtle color and interface between ocean and sky are wonderful in this computer painting of an ocean storm. artist, Dwight Collman MD.  His talent with computer images has clearly grown over the years.  Thousands of hours of a lifetime of painting is clearly evident in this one image.  It is a masterpiece and you will find many of them here.


“Red Rose” © 2017 Dwight Collman MD painted on the iPad Pro; this is one of many variations.  Dr Collman was trained to paint florals, water, sky and has perfected his approach over nearly five decades of painting.  He studied under one professional artist for nearly a decade as a teenager.  He loves to paint in many styles; you can find a wide range and it is as if you are seeing art from numerous artists; he was born with this gift. He will tell you he is not thinking or stressing when he is painting: he describes it as a playground and passion where he can lose all time.  He often paints like many artists through the night.  His sister is equally talented as a watercolor artist and clearly there is a generic influence which comes from Audrey Collman, who passed away in 2015.  She was helping to bring out this talent in her children through 3×5 cards which she would use for advertising. Her ability with handwriting and art was also a lifetime of works.
“Red Rose” another variation painted on the iPad Pro © 2017 Dwight Collman MD


Amazing detail of another floral of a white orchid by Dr Collman © 1016 Dwight Collman MD   This painting clearly demonstrates he is a master of light.  His mentor, Lee Parkinson taught him if you can understand how to depict a flower that it is so complex you can paint anything.
Original Oil Painting on canvas in Dr Collman’s private collection clearly shows he had mastered the ability to paint water, clouds, as a teen.  This painting was in his mother’s collection for over 4 decades where she displayed much of Dr Collman’s art at her business, a health spa for women only.  It is an 18,000 square foot facility in Ogden, Utah.
This is a commissioned painting created on the iPad pro from a photograph sent to him.  He used his imagination and made this young lady an angel, there are floral petals around her.  You can see amazing detail including her bracelet and the mole on her face.  This image was sent back to the client in Europe.  It is included here by permission.  “Angel” © 2016 Dwight Collman MD.  Dr Collman has a similar image that he painted of his daughter and one of his sons.  You will find them here as well soon!
Floral acrylic painted on a pillow.  © 2014 Dwight Collman MD.  Waterproof and easily cleaned with a damp clothes.  One of his favorite painting is to paint on clothing and pillows.  His sister has an amazing but completely different approach (Celeste Collman).  He enjoys painting Tulips, Water Lilly, Hibiscus, Roses, but his most favorite flower is the Orchid.
“Waterfall” This is a mixed media painting (oil and acrylic) on canvas painted from a photograph taken by Maureen Mayor.  The wife of the physician author and practitioner, Thom Mayor MD.  Dr Collman painted this piece and reworked it for years.  He was also taught to put a painting away and return to it even years later.  You “see” structure and detail that needs modification or improvement over time.  It is an approach to his work on canvas.  Some paintings were completed over more than a decade!
“Water lilies” acrylic on canvas 9x 12 inches © 2009 Dwight Collman.  Impressionism is one of his favorite relaxing methods to paint.  Hundreds of painting exist and represent his appreciation of Monet and Camille Pissarro.  He has studied art from all periods and numerous countries.  This is a primary reason he loves to travel to the great museums of the world. He has taken trips to Prague 3 times just for the art in that one city.  He recalls every door in downtown Rome as a unique piece of art.  Italy is one of his favorite countries for art and he has travelled to 10 cities throughout Italy.  He has also lectured in all of those cities.
“Akaka falls” Multimedia on canvas © 1981-2000  painted by Dr Collman on one of his first of 8 trips to Hawaii and reworked for decades.  It is 9×12 inches.  He dreams to travel the entire world and especially the Pacific Rim on all sides.  This is also known as the rim of fire for the location of the numerous active tectonic plates and vulcanism.  He is a student of everything that is of this earth.  Dr Collman uses a UV protective coating.  The waterfall is a common theme in his art also and is often present in his depictions of flowing water.
“The Waterlilly” © 1998-2017 Dwight Collman MD.  Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 36 inches.  This is an image he has painted in many variations but is clearly a study of light and color.  This original painting is also available as a painting he has created on the iPad Pro.  So you can have the original painting or an original created and available in every file format, e.g., PNG, PRO, PSP, TIFF (and others)
Some of his art is depicted as a polaroid just for viewing.  This is a very detailed original acrylic painting on canvas of waterlilies on a lake.  Untitled  © 2010 Dwight Collman MD
A variation of his impressionistic work of a study of water lilies This is an Acrylic on Canvas 9 x 12 inches © 2010 Dwight Collman MD
Dreaming of El Paso.  An original Oil on Canvas is framed in an old wooden frame found at a flea market.  It is an amazing painting for his age.  It is date 1977 and signed by the artist in the lower right corner.  In 1971 he was 21 years-old.  This was painted after a trip to Texas which he won in 1974 to spend a week at the Brook Army Medical Center (burn Unit).  He also had time to see the mountains and flora of Texas which inspired this piece. He has also completed another impressionistic image which is approximately 5 feet x 8 feet with a frame over 100 lbs from Mexico that is still in his private collection.  It is also for sale.  It will be listed on the site but requires a large room to display it.  He has others that are up to 20 feet in width and have been displayed at the Embassy Suites Hotel and now returned to Dr Collman.  There is much more art than is depicted here and much of this art are original  oil and or acrylic paintings on canvas   Call 561-305-8163 if you have an interest.
“Hard Left” is one of his first series of Stickman painting originals  9×12 inches Oil on Canvas.  Everyone loves his use of the entire visual color spectrum.  Children are very attracted to this series as well as adults.  You have dozens of thee images to choose from.  Stickman is a copyright of Dwight Collman and registered with the US copyright office.  © 1983 Dwight Collman MD.  Painted in Sunbury North Carolina this series was originally taken to New York City.  With offices in the Empire State Building, Spalding Sports offered to purchase the rights to Stickman but Dr Collmna declined the offer: $50,000.00 because he would no longer have any control over one of his most favored creations.  Stickman is a character, a form of just a stick figure which is involved dynamically in every sport.  In this painting his body has to become part of the mast of the windsurfing board to make the turn and in the last triangular image is now on the opposite side.  Dr Collman has windsurfers off the East Coast of Florida and in Biscayne Bay for many years.  He enjoys tennis and most of all his racing bicycle.  He does not compete but rides an all carbon fiber Canondale.  This is his primary means of transportation in Florida where he still resides.    .
“Family at the beach” an impressionist work painted as an acrylic on canvass is an amazing painting which depicts a young girl in a dress holding hands with her baby sibling.  Two other members are sitting further out in the distance. The clouds add a dimensional effect to this painting..  in an amazing aged off-white fram. It measures 24 x 36 inches.  It is completely from the mind of the artist as is a significant percentage of his paintings.             © 2000 Dwight Collman MD.  (this painting is thousands of brush strokes).
Painted on initially on site at the Seven Sacred Pools on Maui, HI years earlier it is © 2007 signed by the artist was completed in Boca Raton.  9x 12 inches in a great frame! Another original masterpiece!  This image is on our Homepage for a reason.  It is a small wonder!  Often as in this painting Dr Collman has 2 birds in the sky upper left in this painting. .
Painting 1 of untitled Dyptich 4 x 4 inches © 2014 Dwight Collman MD.  Wrap around Canvas these two paintings are painted together and are a matching pair.  Small but an example of his most ideal mindset to paint as an impressionist.  Very affordable!  You can commission this style of his work and each represents amazing use of color.  Pick you color palette!
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Painting 2 of untitled Dyptich 4 x 4 inches © 2014 Dwight Collman MD

“Focus” © 2017 Dwight Collman MD is an out of focus depiction painted and created on the iPad Pro is another of his favorite ways to paint.  You commission this style of painting and request you format for printing e.g., tiff, PSP, PNG, JPG etc.  This image is likely inspired from simple vegetation early in the day when colors are very intense.
“Walking” depicts vegetation, a sidewalk and a wall, simple but an effective representation of his ability to understand perspective.  Created and painted on the iPad Pro © 2016 Dwight Collman MD.



All of the art on this site supports the site and the cost of the productions of EMedNation including CME/CEU programming and much much more.  We hope you find a painting either from the computer, iPad or an oil or acrylic  original painted on canvas.  This is a very small sampling of 47 years of professional painting.  Dr Collman maintains a private collection of his original works from many decades past.  All of it is for sale but a few pieces.  All of the art on the site, however, is for sale as well as your viewing pleasure.  All images bear Dr Collman’s original signature and date of completion with copyright notice.



“Bahama Green” © 2016 by Dwight Collman MD


Water Lilly © 2017 by Dwight Collman MD. iPad Pro graphic created with iPencil and the graphics program Procreate. All images are for sale and support the EMedNation site and all of our functions. Images can be used for creating poster art, gicleé art, even wall art with the right printer. They are created in high resolution and Dr Collman will work with the client to give them what they truly need in the format they require. We hope you find something you like. Call 561-305-8163 to discuss your needs. For example, Dr Collman also has a version of this image he has painted on canvas 24 x 36 inches. It is ready to ship! If you do not get an immediate answer leave a text message and we will return your call.
“Thunder Cloud en Royal” © Painted by Dwight Collman MD © 2017 using iPad Pro, Procreate and Pencil.  All art is for sale if it is on the site and supports this site and the functions of the EMedNation.  Call 561-305-8163 for pricing.   Original art is signed by the artist 1/1.  No reproductions of this painting will ever be produced.  It wil be the only one sold without any copies or reproductions.  Only one person will own this painting.  It is currently in the artist’s collection but is available for purchase.
“Golden Honey” © 2017 Dwight Collman MD painted using iPad Pro and Procreate
“Gloty to God © 2017 by Dwight Collman MD painted on iPad Pro using Procreate artist original 1/1 only.  No reproductions will be made.
“Rainbow ThunderGod © 2016 Dwight Collman MD painted using Procreate on iPad Pro
“Stars in Daylight” painted on the iPad by Dwight Collman MD © 2017 Dwight Collman MD
Artist Depiction, “Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier” ç 2016 Dwight Collman MD

fullsizeoutput_1301Untitled_Artwork 52Untitled_Artwork 51Untitled_Artwork 50Untitled_Artwork 49Untitled_Artwork 48Untitled_Artwork 46Untitled_Artwork 45Untitled_Artwork 44Untitled_Artwork 57Untitled_Artwork 59Untitled_Artwork 60Untitled_Artwork 58Untitled_Artwork 68Untitled_Artwork 61Untitled_Artwork 43Untitled_Artwork 39Untitled_Artwork 37Untitled_Artwork 35Untitled_Artwork 33Untitled_Artwork 31Untitled_Artwork 30Untitled_Artwork 29Untitled_Artwork 28Untitled_Artwork 27Untitled_Artwork 25Untitled_Artwork 23Untitled_Artwork 22Untitled_Artwork 21Heavenly_llonaAntonia's_Nebula1IMG_4071fullsizeoutput_1613IMG_0100IMG_1809IMG_1296IMG_1343IMG_0408IMG_0924IMG_0460IMG_1106IMG_3975fullsizeoutput_1265IMG_1500

Original acrylic on canvas © 1996-2017 Dwight Collman MD/artist (framed) in the artists collection. Available for purchase. All purchases go to support the EMedNation!


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