CV with cover letter. Requires a password to open and these documents will be emailed to you. Call 561-305-8163 and leave a text to obtain this information if you do not get an immediate answer. This is Dr Collman’s personal data and it is used for him to gain employment. It is restricted for that use only and release of these files must be approved by Dr Collman.

Original oil painting by Dr Collman in his mid teens.

Rainbow Storm © 2016 Dwight Collman MD painted on the IPad 
Untitled Painted on the IPad © 2017 Dwight Collman MD
“Painted Bread” (it’s not real bread) painted entirely on the IPad Pro © 2017 Dwight Collman MD.  All of Dr Collman’s art is for sale and supports this website, and the programs of the EMedNation.  We hope you find a painting you enjoy!  You can also commission art!  Call 561-305-8163 and leave a message for further information.  A text message will get you the mos rapid respons at this phone number.