Much research at the NIH focuses on finding better ways to prevent, treat, and ultimately cure neurological disorders such as central cord syndrome. YET DR COLLMAN HAS A CURE THAT HE HAS USED SEVERAL TIMES and cured patients in days. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Central cord syndrome is the most common form of incomplete spinal cord injury characterized by impairment in the arms and hands and to a lesser extent in the legs. Contact Dr Collman; if you have a spinal cord injury especially a central cord syndrome or any nerve damage from compression or contusion call for a free consultation day or night. Dr Collman may be able to get you back all of your function in days. Spinal Cord Transection patients can also benefit. DO NOT DELAY YOUR CALL: text 561-305-8163 and type 911spinal and then your message with your phone number and he will call you immediately or as soon as possible if he is seeing a patient. Usually this is just within the hour. This will not risk any return of your function. All of his cases he cured have been in patients who had a consulation by a board certified neurosurgeon who told the patients there was no treatment for their injury that would restore motor function. Call also if you have any form or weakness, depression, or loss of appetite not due to any infection or if it is of unknown cause. LINK TO TWITTER ANNOUNCEMENT: (COPYE TO YOUR BROWSER)

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You may also leave a text message at 561-305-8163.  We will contact you the same day; for patients who need emergency care and can get to Boca Raton, FL ASAP for spinal cord injuries, especially central cord syndrome, anterior and posterior cord syndromes (especially acute) call the same number and leave the message 911 spinal cord at the heading of your text message and Dr Collman will discuss this treatment with you immediately.  If he is in a case, he will contact you within the hour.  If you want this treatment and it may return you quickly to normal function do not delay this call.  Dr Collman is the only physician in the world who has cured such injuries with permanent full return of function in the cases he has treated.  All were told they would never recover.  This is not covered by insurance and is safe medication that is used in children for other conditions and in other patients at much higher doses.  This is Dr Collman’s discovery and it was used to cure his anterior spinal cord syndrome that occurred in 2004 when stalkers tried to murder him.  He was left with this injury and was also told it was permanent but he had already treated other patients.  He has treated and cured loss of appetite, excellent control of depression, return of strength in a multitude of cases so you can get back to a normal life.  Even with total spinal cord injury he has helped patients improve their motor abilities so call him do not wait!  He is the only physician who will offer you a trial of this medication protocol and if you improve he will monitor you and care for you and get you as much recovery as possible.  With cord syndromes and conditions like foot drop not due to transection he has all of his patients in recovery. Some in days! (those are the cord syndrome patients).  Peripheral nerves respond but do appear to take weeks to months to get recovery.  He has not had one patient who was not happy they chose this safe and effective approach which mainstream medicine has missed.  He has over a decade of success.  He can treat you our of state if you live in FL, IL, IN, AL, AZ as he holds licenses in those states.  Otherwise you must arrange to see him in Florida.  This is one situation in which using Skype as telemedicine may save the quality of your life.  Dr Collman will discuss this easy to use treatment. It requires a daily injection but most patients with central and anterior cord syndrome are back to walking in7-8 days.  This is in adult patients to date.  No children have yet presented to Dr Collman for this care.  However, he would not hesitate to treat a child.  Please call!


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