About Dwight Collman MD…another gorgeous original created on an iPad pro © 2017 Dwight Collman MD. Available in multiple formats for printing. Read about Dr Collman’s accomplishments.

This is a man who can speak for 8-Days up to 94 hours of approved CME and keep the audience both engaged and happy.  He has no equal and when he began he received a no accreditation approval by National ACEP who told him not even 14 physicians could do what he proposed.  He has been doing it now for ¼ century.  If you miss his programs you are missing a key source that will unlock your mind in all 24 sections of emergency medicine.  He teaches all of the core content and has amazing visual presentations equalled by none because of his gift as an artist.  He never uses notes nor a podium.  He performs well in all environments not just in the classroom.  He was an MD by the age of 23 and had already 6 years previous won first place in the world for creating the first membrane oxygenator and many, awards you will see published on this site.  He was accepted by a top program in general surgery at UCLA as soon as the residency match occurred and he was offered multiple other positions but he was originally planning to be a cardiovascular surgeon and medical artist.  He knew he would always paint, but becoming a published medical illustrator was a dream for him.  He was a public speaker by 1974 but not by choice.  Without a campaign he was elected student body president by his high school.  He was already by 14 years of age making a living selling his art.  It is now thousands of images of medicine and the classic art he was trained to paint: water, sky, florals, portraits, abstract art, landscapes, all flora and fauna, still life painting…he has been comissioned privately to paint on clothing for thousands of clients while he writes medical texts, practices emergency medicine and teaches it in the classroom, hotels, hospitals, and his work has circled the globe.  His manuals/texts/Cds/videotape are used by physicians to learn emergency medicine all over the world.