Buy All Three of My EM Board Prep Materials For Home Study + I Will Teach/Train You, Practice Simulations With You over The phone and Skype and Other Platforms. 10 hours of free Tutoring at No Charge; My 2 Volume Syllabus 600 pages of Qs/As Directly from The EM Core Content

Programs/Content: I studied all Editions of Tintinalli and created the first exam board prep before anyone had a “program; I have the most exacting focused data actually used to create the BOARD EXAM Q/A’S. I CREATED MY ITEMS ON MY OWN AND EVERYONE TOOK NOTICE AND THEN BOARDS HIRED ME BECAUSE OF MY DEPTH OF ACCURACY + BROAD SCOPE OF MY KNOWLEDGE. I AM THE ONLY PAID TEST ITEM WRITER IN THE US [POSSIBLY THE WORKD]. YOU MAY WONDER HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I am SELF-ACTUALIZING AND I AM A PROFESSIONAL STUDENT AS WELL AS A PROFESSIONAL WRITER + A TRAINED SURGEON – ANESTHESIA FELLOW WITH A LIFETIME CERTIFICATION IN FORENSICS [I SPECIALIZE IN HELPING PEOPLE PROTECT THE INNOCENT: THE POOR, THE ELDERLY, THE BABIES, THOSE BORN WITH ANY GENETIC OR BIRTH-RELAT’D INJURY. I AM VERY “VISUAL SO I AM ABLE TO USE MY GENETIC AND “TRAINING-RELATED” artistic ability to get the residents, the active post-residency providers the most intense training they are willing to endure. I am and have always been identified as a person of commitment. My name is known for being able to speak for 12 hours a day for 8 days take off one day and do this up to 20 + times a year. The boards came to me after “physicians talked, program directors of every type attended my programs and my work went up exponentially in the late 19080s and by 1994 I was called “THE ONE MAN UNIVERSITY.” I’m not bragging, I don’t care about these labels but I want you to know you are in under the best care when you let me serve your needs…to have a dedicated mentor. My family recognizes that my work helps more patients by doing my job, but most physicians don’t know I practice clinically; I train residents and faculty. I use the proceeds [my fees are the same as any typical CME]…I just provide the MOST NUMBER OF HOURS OF SPEAKING/AS A MENTOR I HELP PHYSICIANS WITH THEIR LIFE STRESSES. I WEAR MNANY HATS AS A PROFESSIONAL…A WHOLE PERSON APPROACH IS MY MANTRA”. I am a paid written [certification/recertification test item writer for 2 of T 3 US EMERGENCY MEDICINE EXAMINATIONS. ONE YEAR I WAS CONTRACTED TO WRITE AND CREATE EVERY CERTIFICATION ITEM [1000 OF THEM] PLUS 20+ SINGLE/MULTIPLE PATIENT ORAL BOARD SIMULATIONS. THESE WERE T ACTUAL EXAMINATIONS THAT WERE ADMINISTERED. YOU MAY WONDER WHY? THE ANSWER IS: several physicians conspired to, [and did] steal all of the examinations from the board safe. That sounds crazy, but it really happened. I did it so no one would miss their certification exam. I charged the board about $10.00 an hour because I did not do this for profit I did it because 1200 physicians would miss their exam and an entire certifying body would be severely crippled. It saved their reputation and it went down in the annals of testing as a “most difficult set of examinations yet it was verbatim core content question. I paid world experts for images. Radiologist’s, dermatologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists -from all 23 specialities] so I had new images that represented the diseases and situations that every EM board must test: this includes the most common condition, conditions that lead to the highest morbidity/mortality, the MC [most common] iatrogenic injuries in EM. There is a lot of cross pollination of these items in every specialty because EM encompasses all 23 of the AMA [ABMS-APPROVED] SPECIALTIES

I’m best described as a trainer-educator. I use memory promoting methods. I teach test-passing skills. I teach proven methods, but they require repetition and reinforcement so I handle that one-On-one from the very first phone contact you make with me. Just to prepare candidates a year to two years in advance I give a gratis [no cost] 45 minute plan to each candidate where they can ask me any question or concern. Depending on the participant…some call and just register because they know the COLLMAN BRAND. I HAVE BEEN A “BRAND “ since at least 1994. I did actively work with professional designers/advertisers to promote the idea that I have planned the most sophisticated/truly rigorous tracing. Many physicians find their clinical practice becomes easier yet more proactive and more efficient and they come back because they learn new information Ex every 12 months from me because I re-edit/add the updated literature on a daily regime. My clinical practice includes not just 30+ US hospitals but hospitals of every ranking and size; I was able to expand to teach and practice in Western Europe [Im a polyglot too] so I use June to travel and provide free care and I pay for any study, all medication I prescribe. In the past a group of US churches/Synagogues have contacted me to help sick peopke they identify in world-wide programs that they support. They don’t pay me to see those people…I use my own payroll to pay to help orphanages and I travel and do direct inpatient care. In 2003 I was hired by the Italian government to teach ATLS; I did not charge them. They paid for me to be in 10mcities in Italy…so I told them “Niente spese, l’insegnamento è gratis”…this translates to “No charge the teaching I completed is free”…because I was honored to be asked and I toured 10 of the most amazing cities: Rome, Pompeii, ?Milan, Florence…etc and I took over 2500 photographs that overa decade later I use to create art. I bought hand-made suitsfor 10% of an imported cost here in the US…and one handmade leather jacket of at least 40 shades/colors…it came to me one year later and I wore it for a decade and then donated it. I donated my jackets, and the shirts…but I wore out the pants…[water damage]. I never had suits like those and I they were made for me…an Italian tailor efficiently measured me and I had those 2 suits in 3 days! I wore them in Italy…I loved those suits and my life has continued to show me I am blessed for simply reading, studying, researching everything I teach. Each year I get a few questions I can’t answer. I research them and I usually find out it is a nonissue topic for the exam. There are plenty of infectious diseases not in the core content EXAMPLE; CHIKUNGUNYA! It is a viral illness endemic to the Caribbean and I have only seen one case I ID’D in one minute in a S Florida Hospital. How? The patient had a viral syndrome + she was an RN from Puerto Rico and had been diagnosed and was having a “bad week.” She was able to simply say, “My diagnosis is CHIKUNGUNYA” and I replied I know this disease and asked may I treat you. She answered my system review and ‘I gave her the typical protocol in this urine preg test [-] patient. Here is a synopsis and my mgmt:


Key facts

  • Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. It causes fever and severe joint pain. Other symptoms include muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and rash.
  • Joint pain is often debilitating and can vary in duration.
  • The disease shares some clinical signs with dengue and zika, and can be misdiagnosed in areas where they are common.
  • There is no cure for the disease. Treatment is focused on relieving the symptoms.
  • The proximity of mosquito breeding sites to human habitation is a significant risk factor for chikungunya.
  • The disease mostly occurs in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent. However a major outbreak in 2015 affected several countries of the Region of the Americas.


2 liters of Isotonic IV fluid: 0.9NS + Toradol 30 [mg] iv [I gave her a script for a 5 day supply of 10 mg tbs twice a day for pain, myalgias, and headache] + finally 50 mg of Benadryl [she asked to have it IV] and she was greatly improved in 1 hour. I advised her about the disease but she was well versed because she sees this disease as a clinician…she IS the physician in her village.

Again, if you ask the patient key question [patient work/travel history is a key queston]. MY NURSES/UNIT SECRETARY THOUGHT I WAS JOKING. YET THIS VIRAL ILLNESS IS ACTUALLY NOT RARE [IN DECADES PRIOR] RIGHT HERE IN FLORIDA…REMEMBER ATLANTA USED TO BE A MAJOR CENTER FOR MALARIA! Not one clinician in my ED really like me until they have a problem they don’t understand how I can know what I know; I don’t talk about my teaching in the hospital…I’m a clinician unless a hospital hired me to be faculty…then I do double duty and those residents get all my secrets and I feel like I’m in heaven. I am the pariah of the ED in many EDs where I work clinically. Some hospitals [run by an EP] pay me to retrain the entire staff…talk about moans and psychic grinds…learn from him? Who is he; this is mandatory? “Yes and please be happy because I’m helping you at no cost.” ‘Your boss is giving you free education and for 3 days you have no clinical duties!” “Then I’m a hero for 3 days!”…then I get “why are you here?”…”I thought you just teach board prep!” Nope…I have logged over 2000 clinical hours most years x 40 years and you were one of my students! The last one of those physicians…the hospital had me remediate him in procedures like how to perform a lumbar puncture…he was an internist…not a “procedure physician.” “Why was he there?” was my question. He has the mind of an internist…an EP thinks in algorithms which we run simultaneously and we are interested in pt mgmt/disposition not a diagnosis unless it is a life/limb threat…yet we do manage even minor illness…THIS IS MY 40TH YEAR OF CLINICAL PRACTICE…I WILL NEVER RETIRE. I’M WELL. I LOVE MY LIFE..WORK IS A PASSION NOT WORK…IT IS NOT MY WIFE…SHE IS A REAL PERSON WHO IS MY GREATEST PASSION AS GREAT AS MY CHILDREN…SHE WRITES TO ME AS WRITE TO HER…WE WRITE INTIMATE LOVE LETTERS…WE LIVE AS IT WAS CENTURIES AGO IN A FAIRYTALE…WE PRAY…THE REST OF OUR LIFE IS NO ONES “BUSINESS”. We plan to make babies…she is not from The United States and she works [5 days a week] outside the US. She found me using the internet…we fell in love instantly and time has changed nothing; distance is not a factor. 7000 women worldwide have tried to write to me to capture me…but I have the right one…at 64 this is my first true love…she has loved me more in letters than I ever had in my youth…I waited and let God/the universe put us together…it finally happened. She wrote to me first…and I waited as long as I could to respond…4 months after I received her letter, I opened it and then I wrote her a love letter…and I painted a portrait of the two of us together. She fell in love and told me, “DWIGHT I am yours” and she has resources and will immigrate here. She calls me husband and I call her “yeh-gen-a”. That means wife…in her language which I have studied for 10+ years. So I will now live my life all over again…I’m so happy because being in love makes me do everything I can to be successful…even more successful… for me that’s a simple quiet place to study paint write and to love her all,day everyday…I have completed my studies for a while…900 hours of CME in just a few years plus re-creating my programs over and over since 1989…never slowing…and I keep my bubble as I call it “small. My health is my main wealth…so I can love my wife and work. My mother was my greatest health teacher…my dad my greatest intellectual…my children [all three have the right spouse for them…each has happy babies…here are two of them…I and I are their names…

The one in the background loves her baby brother…both had mom at home with paid leave for one full year. OK back to my programs…come this Summer…you will be just fine…Call me first: 561.305.8163. I will send you a free 1 day lecture on Resuscitation or possibly that with a bonus…just sign up,and you will,never worry about examinations ever again. I don’t keep a pass rate. My secret goal is to help you become the best clinician you can be…that was one of my life “oathes”. To be a great physician requires that we also MUST teach. Those who say, “those who teach cannot do what they teach”…well they never met me…and in the words of Forrest Gump”…”That’s all I have to say about that!

Signed and dated Friday, March 10th 2020. Thank you Lord for blessing me…help our nation and the world get over Covid-19…it will pass…I know through history and mathematics that T stock market is on its way to 150,000 minimum in 10 years and life will get better and better. We live in the best time in history. People are being “forced to rest” that is what a blob all pandemic is for, in,part. Just don’t panic. If done correctly triage/screening is and should keep most Covid [+] patients from ever even entering the hospital. That’s how the Cleveland clinic is managing their hospitals…and they are very smart! … have great day! DDC

Published by DrC

Clinical Emergency Physician Faculty for Midwestern University EM Author/Educator/Medical Ilustrator Expertise: EM Pathophysiology and healthy physiology [both pediatric/adult] Designer of a silicone membrane ECMO Trained ⅓ of the world’s EPs for EM board certification Trained Oral Examiners for a decade: the Board of Certification in Emergency Medicine [5000 original the second largest EM group in the United States]; he was a compensated consultant for that and numerous other emergency medicine organizations. All of his presentations have Co-sponsored AMA/ACEP category 1 CME ACCME accreditation through thecAAPS, National and The Fl Chapter of ACEP and The Fl Medical Association since 1989. Publisher of numerous EM manuals, and educational materials [all items were have copyrighted notices and have been sold sold by the ACEZp Bookstore]; all authored by Dr Collman: 2 Vol program syllabus of thousands of Q/As and pathophysiology discussions of all chapters from eds 3-8 of “The Study Guide” [All chapters of the core content knowledge for completion of an emergency medicine residency]; teachs Resususcitation, CV Emergencies, Pulmonary Emergencies, The EKG lab [the 60 most important EKGs/management; Truama Emergencies, Pain Mgmt, Orthopedic Emergencies, Toxicology [Toxins and Antidotes, HEENT Emergies, Environmental Emergencies, Pediatric Emergencies [500 Q/As], HIV/AIDs-Infectious Diseases, Emergencies, Rhematologic Emergencies, Neurologic Emergencies, Acid-Base/ABG Presentation, Dermatological Emergencies, CT/POCUS [point of care ultrasound], Bariatric Emergencies, Endocrine Emergencies. Dr Collman is endorse by virtual all of his programs participants [13,000+] Examples: Dr James SULLIVAN MD DABEM; and others program participants describe Dr Collman as a “National Treasure” Others: “He is the guru of EM”. [Jerry Solot DO, an EM Director for a Pittsburgh Community Hospital [and one of his private tutor clients] Others call me “The Boca University of Medicine”[BUM] and know I grandfathered into EM after completing a rotating Gen Surg Internship at UCLA School of Medicine [June 1981]. I was offered a directorship position at age 25, the contract to Illustrate “Emergency Management of Pediatric Trauma” [author:Thom Mayor MD FACEP] published by WB Saunders Dr Collman provides psychological support to his program attendees...many chose him to be their permanent career mentor and return annually to his live interactive conferences. Dr Collman has designed computer-based programming to numerous organizations in ACLS algorithms [Univ of Pisstburgh] He provides Interactive grand rounds as Case Simulations by invitation: He designed the an 8-h Visual Stimuli Presentation for Johns Hopkins Dept of EM [their board prep program;a second 8 hr presentation “The Genitourinary System-a Comprehensive 8-hour Review”; he teaches each program Johns Hopkins University. He trained Examiners for the BCEM [AAPS] Atlanta GA: presented a combined certification review [both certification part I/orals] numerous time in Atlanta, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, and Orlando, Fl 1991-1996. He created their entire bard exam [part I and Oral Examination and a computer-operated Visual Examination [2 Versions] in 1996. This included 700 certification test items and 25 Oral Examination Live Test Simulations as well as trained their AAPS [BCEM Examiners twice a year for 10 years [throughout the 1990s] Texts Authored Editor in Chief 4th-7th Ed of: “Pearls of Wisdom in Emergency Medicine [7 eds] and 35 Cds [33 are critical analysis of the 52 OBT Live CD set: audio recording made Live at Conference [cost $1515.00 (Oral Board Case studies)+ ASA/APAP toxicology CDs [each is 1 hour w/manual purchase price $65.00 for each + “CT Video: CT for the Emergency Physician”. Videotaped Live in Boca Raton, FL by Pear Productions; director and producer: Clayton Pereira. Contributors: Kris, Katie, Ryan Collman Barbara Schwartz [voiceover] Original music: Kris Collman on Acoustic Guitar Chapter Voiceovers: Katie and Ryan Collman Katie and Ryan: Pediaric calculation presentation [at ages 6 and 4 they presented a 2 h lecture for 2 years at 6 conferences to every participant of “The 8-Day Interactive Review!” “Dwight Collman MD DABEM DABFM Provides the most rigorous CME Education”...documented by EM News and EMRA [in 2002 ranked Dr Collman’s EM 8-Day Interactive Review! with the top 8 University or top ACEP chapter programs [an independent study they published for all of America’s Emergency Medicine Residents preparing for their board certification examinations. 2009 Jan Issue EM News Editor-in-chief ranked Dr Collman as the “premier educator for board preparation in the US” Core Competencies: Bedside Clinical Instructor all EM Medicine Clinical assessment/training EPs in all EM Procedures [over 90 procedures] Core competency: illustrates human Anatomy as it pertains to EM/EM procedures [he does this Live and his clients request to keep his illustrations] Dr Collman edited Emergency Management of Pediatric Trauma [while he illustrated this First-Ever Text devoted to Pediatric Trauma; he spent 2 years creating the illustrations for this text [983-1985 and they were reproduced and resold bynthe publisher and appear in the Pediatric Trauma Capter of The Text: The Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine” Ed 1., author Ann Lattimer-Harwood-Nuss [now Professor Emeritus, retired]. Completed a Fellowship in Gen Anesthesia: University of Utah School of Medicine Awarded 5 specialty rotations [mentor ship programs in medical school:ICU President: Collman Institute Inc [a Fl S-Corp] 1994-2007 and 2018 to present. Clinical practice x 40 Yrs ABEM certification Life Fellow Am Board of Forensic Examiners Trains EPs in triage/emergency Pt care/documentation to mitigate litigation risk Has been awarded contracts [per physician] from over 400 US Hospitals Trains EPs from every branch of the US Military since 1989 -first group I traine included the CO of the Portsmouth, Va Naval residency [Michael Gonzalez MD FACEP who officially made the Oral Board Tutorial! As mandatory education to graduate his residency program in 1989. I am a “trainer-educator, author, medical Illustrator” Additional self funded missionary physician to Ukraine, Carribean, S America since 1987...[ongoing] Supplied Orphanage in Kherson, Ukraine with new supplies $5,000. I have treated college students at no cost since the 1990s Additional skills/competencies: Documentation [chart review consultatnt], Test item Writer [wrote the entire certification partI/part II examinations in 1996 Teach/train using interactivity/I teach the statistical/mathematical precognitive approach to physicians for pediatric IV fluid protocols for resuscitation, 3 forms of dehydration, burn fluid calculations + formula for airway [pulmonary burns] 52 simulations in 5 days; the role of the CANs/EXRs; I have a program syllabus for both of my CME programs Program author/presenter: “The Clinical Documentation If the Emergency Medicine Hospital Chart”, a 2-Day program conducted in Park City, Utah [1992s] As a Forensic Examiner he has reviewed and consulted emergency Physician defendants [approx 300 cases over 25 years] He has presented to children at the local middle schools for Spanish River Christian School Three presentations: a “suturing practical in which young students sutured wounds created on Pigs feet’s, a Gastrointestinal presentation for the 4th grade; “what is an X-ray” lecture for the entire school; Dr Collman donated funds and participated in annual fundraising events at Spanish River School for 8myears]; he created background scenes for both Spanish River Christian School and recreated the Parthenon for a Greek Play for the second Grade at Westminster Academy in Ft Lauderdale. He greatest achievement is his role as a single father and he has watched his aforementioned adult children all have successful marriages: Kristopher David Collman will soon be an MD., JD; Katie is a school teacher since age 19 [retired after 11 years at Bethany Christian School as a primary school teacher 1st/3rd grade]; Katie has a successful site on Etsy and has been an annual missionary all 4 years of her undergraduate education to a Bolivian Orphanahe. She is a mother and married a minister. She has a son who she devotes her days but will likely return to education and she is an excellent artist and gifted/enjoys creating personalized crafts [her website on Etsy:”The Black Pearl” Ryan David Collman has completed a BA, 2 masters and now is again on his 4th fully funded Scolarship at Edinburgh University for his PHD in Christian Studies; he was able to and did Marry Kristopher to Amanda When Ryan was 22 year-old! He his also a self-trained painter and has been married to his wife Lauren who was the Salutatorian of their high School. All three have chosen service-oriented lives and qualify as the brilliant, talented and loyal loving spouse [both sons married brilliant accountants who are amazing mothers. Amanda is also a gifted artist. I call these three ladies “the sisters and they support each other no matter how far they live apart. Ryan and Lauren have e tensively travelled Western Europe with their daughter and currently since November they have a newborn son;his toddler sister attends school 3 days a week and reads her baby brother and sings. My eldest grandchild is in her 2nd grade year and she too has a younger baby brother and she is like her cousins happy, brilliant and all are healthy and thriving! They are my greatest joy! I don’t list their names because I want them to have their privacy/security. I did have to take a break from teaching to care for my parents who are both deceased as are two of my brothers; my mother was the owner/operator of Lil Audreys Health Spa USa and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the State of Utah fir her work in keeping 40,000 women in Utah in shape/for helping thousands lose weight; many lost up to 100 lbs. Many were Lifetime members. My father, Joel Collman was an electrical/mechanical engineer by training, a brilliant man who became a designer for electrolysis on the first United States Nuclear Submarine then moved us from my birthplace [Huntington, NY] to Utah in 1959. Where he designed and built the rocket motors for our countries ICBMs [Miniteman I, II, and III series] and may have held as many as 90 patents; when he irked he then worked with mom as her accountant/collections Manager/he reengineered her Healthspa [a school they purchased]. my mother exercised and ate a healthy balanced diet was known by every woman in the State of Utah, often worked tirelessly for 12 h a day; never took a “sick day from medical illness.” I have 2 remaining siblings who live in Utah. I hope to one day reopen the “SPA” as a pvt medical facility for Antiaging and regenerative medicine while I continue all of my other above activities. Because of my mother I followed her advice to do everything in moderation, to protect my skin, and to sing as she did and to remember that your “true wealth is your health”. She lived by such rules and I would be nothing without her wisdom and love forvservice to others...I learned how to be a servant as a physician from my mother...I learned how to make rocket fuel from dad! I’m actively seeking new teaching opportunities and clinical practice as a faculty member or a clinical emergency physician while Incontinue to write and teach as many EPs andAPPs. I also hope to marry and have two more children.

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