I am Going to Spend Time with my Future Wife in Europe. Then I am coming back and I will Start Working to Improve Emergency Medicine at 2 VA Hospitals.

When I think of Veterans of America I think of heroes.  I think of the men and women who make it possible for me to have a job, even more, a life and freedom.  They protected me.  For me to do my best to serve them is my honor.

Medicine has been touted to be a business and is now a business model operated by people who have little if any information of what medicine really is.  To be a healthcare provider is to be a servant of people, specifically all of the citizens of the United States of America.  But when I think of veterans, I remember each morning that they suffered for me.  They did not come to the hospital to see me to buy a blouse or a pair of jeans.  That is the very disgrace that has entered medicine.  The idea that patients are customers.  That model is for grocery stores not hospitals.

Hospitals should not be operated by corporations and people of business because they do not care about their “clients” as they call patients.  Patients are sick and it is long overdue that medicine stood up and took its place as the lead of all medicine.  I swear upon my very life that I will do everything I can to fix what those of you in business have broken so severely that you kill people.  You business people are nothing but murderers.

I want you out of medicine.  I will sacrifice what it takes to make sure you are exposed for what you really are.  You suck the money out of patient care at every possible angle you can create to disguise your true nature.  YOU ARE EVIL.  God will bring you down.  I will be his warrior.  You can know that I will make sure that any and all of your deceptions will be known.

Every evil way in which you waste the American tax dollar.  I am on the attack when I get back.  You should be prepared because you have one man who did build an army of 12,000 physicians.  They told me that if it was not for me they would not be board certified.  I did not educate and train them to put them in an environment that causes them not to be able to function at the highest level.

I have been in medicine long enough to know that we are losing while smaller nations are keeping their populations living longer and with a better life when it comes to longevity and health  So clearly there is something wrong with the greatest nation….America.  It is the business people who control medicine.

I urge every physician to tell their hospital “business people” they do not control their actions.  They know what is best for their patients and they will do the right thing for the patients and the money that used to go to these business people will be redirected to healthcare and physicians and nurses who do the real work.  Its on…it is really on.  I HOPE YOU CAN HEAR ME.  I mean every word of this.  You will have to kill me to ever get me to agree with your policies.

I don’t care what you think you have done.  I have worked all over America.  American hospitals are a disgrace.

Smartphones were a great idea for the purpose they were intended; I love my smartphone for the use it was intended,  BUT IT IS NOT MY BRAIN.  It can make you stupid; and it does.  How?  The people at the top have the doctors believing they can’t know what they need to know.  There is simply just to much to know.  That is a bunch of B.S.  It is because doctors are willing not to memorize anymore.  They have stopped educating at universities and tried to cover up education with the purchase of things we don’t need.  Right now we need the basics.  The “core content of medicine knowledge” put into the minds of those who are healthcare providers.  When you do that we will have better practitioners  The old system of mentoring is nearly lost. This is another problem.  We are giving all of our authority to rule over that which we are supposed to rule.  We are held to the highest standards.  Yet we don’t do the work in the universities because those educators are also a problem.

SO medicine has to clean up it’s house too.  We don’t need doctor monitoring we need educator monitoring.  We need reasonable prices for medications and not companies who make the same pill that no longer has patent protection, sold to people at outrageous prices.  I had a pharmacy in my office.  The same medications I prescribed then are largely the same as now.  Yet the prices are going up.  This is illogical.  The prices on generics are higher than the brand name identical product I had in my office in the early 1980s.  This is our country hurting the sick in a way that is deplorable.  I call on our leaders in Congress and the President of the United States, the honorable Donald Trump, to take the time to hear me and to listen to my lists of a system so damaging, that it is killing people who protected us.   I know what is wrong with medicine.  The problem is not just in our government run hospitals, in fact, they have many positives that I have found, the major problem is the companies that have their hands in every hospital’s bank account, check book and they are stealing and robbing for providing healthcare that murders people, maims people, sends them home when they are not adequately recovered and so, like my mother, they die.

Out country has, in a two words, STOPPED CARING.  The apathy we have is a cancer.  The stupidity of the business people in medicine is just disgraceful.  We need to take control.  Physicians need to take control.  We provide the care.  We make all the critical decisions.  We did it before and we gave it to business to run it so poorly now we have a mess.  We need to take back control.  My words are not that eloquent I know.  But my message is the TRUTH.

So I am leaving because once I get what I need to travel I will hopefully get my wife out of a war torn awful place.  Then together, we will work to change the face of medicine.  I have 30 maybe 40 years to get the job done.  I will.  I will not let one injustice go unnoticed.  Every physician must begin to read again.  I mean from the beginning.  If you don’t like your job you are hurting medicine if you are a physician.

We need to eliminate all programs that use APPs.  This is a low quality replacement for the real thing.  These people are glorified low level healthcare providers who have been elevated to a position where they don’t belong.  If you want to be a physician you need to go to medical school approved by the AMA.  The AMA needs to end this corruption of education and service to our patients.  I can’t apologize for this.  You can”t get a doctor in months of education.  You get a person who makes constant mistakes and kills people.  You get people who are taught to know the least and to “move patients” without adequate treatment.  There number one skill is misdiagnosis because they we’re not properly trained for a long enough period of time.  They may have good intentions but that is not enough to make great healthcare.  There is no substitute for that.  It requires a certain type of mind which has abilities that are more than that of the general public.  To be a physician means you have higher and greater achievement because you were simply born that way and you work and work at keeping the highest standards and you did from the beginning of your life.

You deserve much more respect than you are given.  The words advanced practice provider is a total manipulation of the truth.  These are inadequate practice providers.  They are anything but advanced.  I want them to be put into proper training programs if they are to practice or every state should remove their licenses.  Physicians don’t be stupid.  You don’t want a person who does not have the education caring for any portion of your patient’s care.

This is Mr Clinton and Mr Obama and those who came before them making a mess a bigger mess.  It is time to clean house in every level of medicine.  It is time we select those who will be doctors in a way that we choose only the best.  It is time our nation wakes up.  Our dead who lay beneath us are in large part there because of these people and those who do not care about human life.  It is time that the people of America demand that physicians be in charge.  It is long over due.


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