The Collman Computer Graphics Gallery

There is a special note for you below if you would like to become a reseller of Dr Collman’s art.  In one month he sold thousands of dollars of sweatshirts at a small local mall painting on gray sweat shirts.  He saves all of his best selling designs so we already know which are the top sellers!  Get ready…all of this is coming soon!

Getting a Kiosk in a mall during the holidays is a great way of getting some excellent income!  Ideally you should talk to us 6 months in advance to plan such a plan for success!  Call 561-305-8163.  You may also email at


There will be hundreds and eventually thousands of Dr Collman’s computer graphic images posted for you to view and purchase.   We have services to run silk screen orders for those who wish to resell my art.  We can also create limited editions of any image on the site.  All images are copyrighted and you must agree to follow copyright law in a basic contract if you wish to resell Dr Collman’s art.  His paintings range in price from $35.00 dollars to tens of thousands.  Some have to do with medicine like this capillary and RBC image created on the iPad pro from his imagination.  For him it is a whimsical adventure to create art…you will see it written over and over it is both his passion and his playground.  It is like magic for him.  This image is created in high definition resolution so it can be enlarged printed and framed and would make a great piece of bright modern art.  It could be even wallpaper for a room.  All sales go to support this site and the EMedNAtion’s functions.  Call 561-305-8163 if you have any interest in any images.  All of art is copyright protected.  We hope you will find something that you want!  New images will be uploaded on an ongoing basis so come back and visit often!  There is a separate section for the traditional paintings oils, acrylics, mixed media and another for the medical images.  Reselling can be a great business.  Dr Collman did a trial of hand painted sweatshirts created with fabric paint.  He even painted images of people’s pets and any idea or image they wanted.  We can supply you with everything from the sweatshirt, T shirt or other article like pillows.  Samples will be shown.

Acrylic and fabric paints are durable and easily washed.  They can be completely waterproof and last decades.  We guarantee the paint will never peel or crack but always follow our instructions about cleaning which will be provided and is unique to each item based on how it was created.

No item requires special cleaning and so it is simple and done most of the time with just a damp cloth.  Full acrylic art has a glaze over it that provides permanent UV protection so your colors will never fade.

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